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Contact Us

Call Us: 902-434-5511

Request for Service:  service@glubes.ca

General Salessales@glubes.ca

Commercial Salescommercial@glubes.ca


Nick Gagne (Senior Sales Advisor, Custom Home and Design, Control4 Tech II Certified) nick@glubes.ca
Jeffrey Dort (Senior Sales Advisor, Custom Home and Design , Control4 Tech II Certified) jeff@glubes.ca
Wade Stubbington (Sales Associate) wade@glubes.ca
Cory Welsh (Systems Designer) cory@glubes.ca
Dave Sliming (Commercial Sales Manager) dsliming@glubes.ca

Darren Miles – Integration Specialist
Dave Cashel – Senior Installer and Security Specialist
Leo Halloran –  Senior A/V Installation Specialist
Kevin Boyd –  Senior A/V Installation Specialist
Ben Lumsdem –  Senior Installer and Security Specialist

Kevin Sawler (President, Co-Owner, Purchasing, Advertising, Web Management) kevin@glubes.ca
Steven Budovitch (Co-Owner, AR/AP, Human Resources, Charities) steven@glubes.ca
Leita Petrie (Office Manager, A/P, A/R) leita@glubes.ca

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