In the 1970s a group of music-loving audio-importers from across Europe set their sights on developing products that would take the audio industry by storm. They were determined to prove that excellent value and top-of-the-line sound quality can come together in a line of must-have audio equipment. All this at a time when audio equipment was marketed at a premium cost for higher quality devices. To reach this goal NAD was formed.

Starting with their headquarters in London, NAD’s growing team of engineers began to experiment in their effort to redesign audio components, eventually coming up with what would be their winning design. The first design was the NAD 3020 which brought their goals to the world and became the best-selling Hi-Fi amplifier in history. This design was the first to show that quality and reasonable cost can go hand-in-hand.

They didn’t stop there and went on to develop cassette players and one of the first premium CD players, making believers out of true audiophiles that digital amplification could still produce quality sound. Their technologies continued to evolve as they collaborated with outside technology partners to develop some of the biggest innovations in the audio world such as Enhanced Ambiance Recover System, Soft clipping, and much more.

NAD’s Master Series

NAD’s innovative technologies were premiered in their flagship series which combines a sleek design with advanced technology features. The series was designed to prove their idea that Hi-Tech, Hi-Fi audio technology does not have to break your budget. They achieved that goal by bringing advanced technologies to the public at a significantly reduced cost when compared to like boutique brands.

The Technology Behind NAD

The NAD preamp, NAD receiver, and other audio components in the Masters Series were created with two new and advanced amplifier technologies. The first innovation is the DirectDigital™ which is the first of its kind in the world and is a closed loop digital amplification. In simple terms, it is a computer controlled digital-to-analogue converter that amplifies and will compare the input to the output and making needed adjustments every 10 nanoseconds. This can improve your audio experience by creating vivid, pure, quality sound due to the reduced dopamine conversions in the signal path.

The other technology that NAD introduced to the audio world was HybridDigital™ which blends both digital and analogue technology together in one platform that can outperform a traditional analogue system even if the source is analogue.

NAD’s Sleek and User-Friendly Design

NAD collaborated with David Farrage, an award-winning industrial designer, to make the master series the first Hi-Fi product that has a completely programmable front panel. Both the switches and readouts are defined by software so that they can be updated when upgraded features and technologies are available. This helps to future-proof the design so that your system can grow and the upgrades can be affordable.

If you would like to learn more about the NAD products, or find out how they can improve your audio experience and provide you with the quality you want at a price that is affordable, visit us in-store for a demo.