Stereo Receivers

For audiophiles looking to find the top-level in quality music to add to their home entertainment system, a Yamaha 2 channel receive can bring the sound quality and features that you not only want but need.

Quality Hi-Fi for all Your Music Choices

Your receiver is the heartbeat of your audio system. It is where you can stream your music and network all of your audio devices. With a 2 channel receiver, you can enjoy high-definition exceptional quality musical sound no matter what your favourite genre. If you can only invest in one piece of audio equipment, this device can take your listening enjoyment to the next level.

The sound quality doesn’t just extend to your streaming service. the 2 channel receiver has both coaxial and audio terminals so you can connect them to your televisions, DVD players, or Blu-ray devices to bring you quality Hi-Fi sound to your television viewing as well. You can enjoy the pure dynamic sound from all of your entertainment sources, helping you get in the excitement whether you are watching your favourites sports game or movie. You can even enjoy the airy feeling you would expect when watching a symphony concert.

Compatibility to Work With Any Service

The Yamaha 2 channel receivers allow you to utilize all of the most popular streaming services including Spotify, Napster, Juke, Qobus, and even streaming services new to the market, such as Tidal and Deezer. This allows you to listen to your favourite genre of music and find your favourite artists with ease.

Yamaha 2 channel receivers are equipped with MusicCast which has a high-performance wireless network that enables you to stream your music from any computer or smart device. You also have the option to share your music with an external CD player and can easily connect through all your devices through Bluetooth®. Are you a music connoisseur who still loves the sound of vinyl? The receivers are also equipped with phono input terminals that can allow you to connect with your turntable and take the sound quality of your favourite vinyl to a whole new level.

Technology to Give You Power and Convenience

Yamaha 2 channel receivers are equipped with an advanced circuitry that features a high-power and high-quality amp that can deliver the maximum output of 149 watts with a simple push-pull configuration. Its design helps to minimize the length of the audio signal path and has a strategically placed power supply which can help minimize energy loss. It also helps to provide the best sound production when using any kind of speakers.

You can also easily to control your receiver right from your fingertips with the MusicCast controller app, which can help you operate your receiver and all of your other connected devices. The MusicCast system also works with Amazon’s Alexa devices that can allow you to control the key functions of your system with simple voice commands, providing you with even more added convenience.

If you are looking for Yamaha receivers in Dartmouth, Glubes has the models you need to create the audio experience you have always dreamed of.