Whether you opt for a Samsung frame or a more traditional television, your viewing experience is only as good as the sound that accompanies it. If you seek surround sound but don’t have the time or money to remodel your living room, consider setting up a sound bar. A compact device that combines multiple speakers and subwoofers, sound bars project crisp, varied sound into small and medium rooms just as clearly as speakers do. Glubes offers a vast selection of sound bars to customers in Dartmouth, the Halifax area, and across Canada, allowing you to choose from:

  • Multiple Sound Sources– Our sound bars allow you to stream music over the Internet, as well as to play audio from your phone using Bluetooth. Many of them also come with auxiliary audio inputs, making it easy to connect a range of different devices.
  • Clear & Complex Audio– With multiple speakers and subwoofers, our sound bars provide full surround sound for any small or medium room. They are designed to project sound in three dimensions and move the audio around the room, helping you feel like you’re truly witnessing what you’re watching.
  • Compact Designs– Each of our sound bars is sleek and compact, designed to take up as little space as possible. With them, you’ll have all the audio quality of a speaker system without needing to give up the space.
  • Advanced Controls– Many of our sound bars offer app controls and other advanced methods of setting or changing your music.

Glubes Audio Video Unlimited specializes in helping you select the perfect sound bar for your home. No matter your budget, your entertainment needs, or the shape of your living room, we’ll help you find the sound bar that works for you.