Turntables are back with a passion. Modern turntables combine the unique and time-tested characteristics of the record players of yesterday with the cutting-edge technology and the sophisticated and precise manufacturing techniques of today. As an audiophile, you want the best record player you can find that meets your needs yet stays within your budget. And of course, you demand quality and durability. Glubes Audio Video Unlimited understands, after all, we’re audiophiles too, and gearheads to boot. You’ll find only the best turntables in Dartmouth at Glubes, with the best customer service, at the most affordable prices, guaranteed.

Why Are Turntables So Popular Today?

There was a time when vinyl records, tape, or live performances were the only options a music lover had. Sounds systems were expensive and bulky and somewhat primitive compared to what’s available today. Then technology took over and digital became king.

Then something wonderful happened. People began to realize that there was something missing from their musical experience. Vinyl records and the album covers they came in offered something that CDs and MP3s never could. A physical relationship, the feel of a vinyl platter, the ritual of cleaning and placing it on a turntable. Of enjoying the unique album cover art and the details of the bands and the music they related. Of collecting and displaying these icons of musical history. Millions of people today enjoy the hobby of searching through the sale bins of second hand and thrift stores looking for classic albums and that elusive rarity. For many it’s almost a religious experience.

And then people realized that vinyl just sounds better than digital. Analog recordings just have a warmer, deeper, fuller sound that catches the nuances of a recording in a way that digital can’t. Vinyl is by far the favored choice of knowledgeable music lovers. But of course, the quality of the sound you get is only as good as the quality of the turntable you spin your platters on. A cheap turntable will deliver a cheap sound.

Buying Turntables In Dartmouth

Purchasing the best record player for you is a highly personal decision. You can spend as little as $100 or thousands of dollars on one. However, most people find that the best choice for them is somewhere in the middle. Turntables in this price range deliver many of the features of and comparable performance to the most expensive models. You’ll enjoy such features as adjustable tone arms able to accommodate a variety of phonograph cartridges and precision balanced platters with smooth and quiet bearing-drive rotation. These types of turntables are also very upgradeable, so you can experiment with different configurations until you discover the tone and performance you’re looking for.

Don’t hesitate to ask a Glubes Audio Video Unlimited professional for guidance on buying your new turntable. They’ll be able to help you choose the best model for your unique needs. You’ll always find excellent customer service and the best turntables in Dartmouth at Glubes.