Samsung 'The Frame'

TVs aren’t just for watching movies, shows, and sports; they’re also a decorative feature for your home! A stunning screen that you place with care adds beauty and sophistication to the room, keeping you and your guests entertained and happy even when it isn’t on.

If you’re looking to spruce up your room while still enjoying a crisp, detailed picture, a Samsung Frame TV is the screen for you. Designed to look like a picture frame, these thin, elegant TVs are the perfect way to put your favorite photos and paintings up for all to see. Guests and family members will see the TV and think you’ve mounted a coveted piece of art on your wall— and in a way, you will have! But unlike real frames, you can switch this TV from picture to picture with the touch of a remote, or use it to display a movie, show, or sports match.

Glubes Audio Video Unlimited offers the best Samsung Frame TVs in Canada. Available in 43, 55, and 65 inches, these screens take advantage of 4K resolution technology, allowing you to display your favorite photos and paintings just as clearly as if you’d framed a real picture. These TVs also come with separate media boxes, so that you can watch sports, movies, and television without disrupting the frame appearance.

In addition to the TVs themselves, Glubes Audio Video Unlimited carries a customized stand, so you can set the screen up anywhere in the room. We also provide beige, white, and walnut trims to add beauty and sophistication to the TV even when it’s off.