It seemed like just yesterday when the best television on the market was an oversized tube, colour TV. As technology has moved forward, it has continued to evolve the quality and clarity of televisions. The most recent step in the evolution of television allows for pinpoint control over all the pixels on the screen, creating colours and contracts that truly get you in the show: the Q-LED.

What is Q-LED?

The term QLED stands for Quantum dots Light Emitting Diode. The system utilizes Quantum dots and semiconductor crystals to control the colour on the screen. As the dimensions get larger, so does the wavelength of light emitted. Unlike some other types of televisions, a Q-LED does not produce the light itself but instead uses the light as a backlight to produce a true-to-life image. Q-LEDs are known for producing rich black tones, even more so than Plasma televisions, and also boasts 4K, Ultra HD resolution. When watching a Q-LED, the viewer will be able to enjoy outstanding contrast, brighter brights, and the whole spectrum of colour that the human eye can process.

Is A Q-LED Worth the Price?

For those who are serious about quality, Q-LED televisions are definitely worth the price. They are known for their versatility, energy efficiency, and amazing viewing experience. A Q-LED will allow you to experience the program being watched in a way that other televisions can’t come close to.

Advantages of a Q-LED Television

There are many advantages that come with choosing Samsung QLED TVs in Dartmouth/Halifax. The first being its durable construction. Q-LEDs where designed to resist moisture and are known to have a much longer life-span than their counterparts. Its moisture resistance also allows it to forgo an expensive vacuum evaporation process, resulting in a lower price. They boast a thin and light-weight design, making them perfect to mount anywhere, and respond rapidly to controls. Q-LEDs are more energy efficient than OLED screens even with the improvement in brightness.

Unmatched Colour Quality

One of the biggest advantages of a Q-LED is that it produces a viewing quality that is unmatched by competitors. With the wide spectrum colours and true-to-view lighting, the images on the screen come to life. The contrast produces fine detailing combined with a brightness of over 1500 candles which allows viewers to see depth in every image.

Quality Picture in Any Lighting

With most televisions, the light in your room will have an effect on the quality you see on the screen. Adding light can cause glares that interrupt the flow of the screen. With a Q-LED television, there are no worries as the Ultra Black in the screen is designed to minimize the reflections of ambient lighting allowing the quality of the screen to come through undisturbed. They are also equipped with Precision Black which utilizes a dimming technology to produce optimal screen contrast at all times. This means not only will the brightness and contrast adjust with each new scene but also with the lighting that comes into your room.

For those looking for a one-of-a-kind viewing experience, a Q-LED will make the perfect addition to your home.