Top TVs in 2019

Just when you thought television viewing could not get any better, recent models have hit the market that put the latest in picture quality technology, sound experience, and hands-off convenience all in one, to provide you with a viewing experience that is elevated to a whole new level. For those who are looking for the best in quality and technology, check out some of the top 2019 television models listed below.

Samsung 58″ 4K HDR Smart TV (UN58NU7100)

SAMSUNG 58″ 4K UHD SMART LED TV (UN58NU7100)Take your viewing experience to the next level with the 4K UHD resolution on the Samsung 58″ 4K HDR Smart TV. With full HD and four times more pixels, you can expect a significantly clearer picture, that puts you right into the experience. The television also features HDR, also known as high-dynamic range, which provides for a wide range of luminance levels on your television, allowing you to experience vibrant colours and details even when the scenes get dark.

PurColour is another unique feature that you can expect on this Samsung, which improves the colour images you will see on your screen providing for optimal picture performance. Samsung has paired this technology with UHD dimming which provides added contrast and sharpness, allowing the smallest details to come to life on your screen.

The Samsung is a perfect addition to your home entertainment system, with its ability to connect seamlessly with your other Samsung smart devices through Samsung Cloud, and its slim design providing it with a stylish appearance suited for any room or space.

Samsung 55″ Class Q6FN QLED Smart 4K UHD TV (QN55Q6FN)

SAMSUNG 55″ CLASS Q6FN QLED SMART 4K UHD TV (QN55Q6FN)The Samsung 55″ Class Q6FN QLED smart 4K UHD TV features Q colour technology which creates the finest picture quality that Samsung has designed. The system uses Quantum dot technology to provide brightness and purity to the colours on your screen. The technology is paired with QLED which takes the light and turns into an amazing colour spectrum. This technology also provides for rich contrast over any type of lighting environment to enhance the details in each scene. The colour on this televisions is even more enhanced with 100% colour volume which allows you to view rich, detailed, and accurate colours, bringing realism to any show, movie, or game.

Other features you will love with this television include the Samsung Clean Cable Solution which can help you to manage your cords in a slim, sleek stand, that can make your system clutter-free, and the Ambient Mode, which allows you to turn boring black screens into beautiful decor with an interactive background. You also can stay updated on the weather, outside temperatures, and breaking headlines right on your screen. Or you can turn your television into your own personal media hub by connecting it to your photos or favourite music.

The television also allows you to easily manage all of your content through one Smart Hub, allowing you to browse, stream, or control your television directly from your smartphone.

Samsung The Frame

Samsung The Frame TVAdd a little art and entertainment to your decor with The Samsung Frame. Designed to blend in with any room decor, in a collaborative effort with world-renowned designer Yves Behar, The Frame brings you the programming you are looking for while doubling as decorative artwork piece. It is perfect for meeting rooms, hotels, and even your living room. The television looks just like a real frame and can be customized to be black, wood, white, or metal, which allows you to make it fit in with your current decor, not the other way around.

The Frame features a brightness sensor which is able to detect ambient lighting and adjust your display settings so that the picture always looks its best. It comes with over 100 free professional curated images from 10 different categories. You also can increase your art library by purchasing individual images or subscribing to libraries that receive constantly updated work.



LG 77″ Signature OLED TV W8 (OLED77W8)

LG 77″ SIGNATURE OLED TV W8 (OLED77W8)With the LG Signature OLED TV, you may find it hard to see where the wall ends, and your televisions begin. Its innovative wallpaper design not only blends with your interior but also allows for a fully immersive viewing experience. Equipped with custom-designed magnet wall mounts, it can mount flush to almost any interior surface.

The television doesn’t only look beautiful, but its elegance is matched with an a9 intelligent processor, built exclusively for the LG OLED line. This processor is the most powerful, allowing it to provide the viewer with incredibly rich colours, depth, and sharpness, that allows images to be true-to-life. You will see dazzling whites, rich blacks, and infinite contrast. With over 8 million individual pixels, the OLED can control the brightness of each one to achieve the perfect black and provide shades that you have never imagined.

Other features buyers will love about the new LG is its ability to be controlled completely by your voice. The LG Magic Remote also allows you to go beyond managing your programming, by giving you the ability to navigate your favourite apps and select premium services.

The LG OLED TV also supports a wide range of premium content choices which adjust each scene, to optimize your picture quality. The new lineup now includes Advanced HDR by Technicolour®Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG.

No matter which model you choose, you can experience some of the best technology to provide you with the colour richness, contrast, and details, to provide you with a one-of-a-kind viewing experience whether you are watching your favourite weekly show or the latest movies.